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Meeting, speech, roundtable, reception, repeat. If you are a member of Congress, then this is probably your everyday reality. Holding town meetings such as these are wonderful in connecting with your constituents, however, what about the younger generation or those that prefer to stay at home? Why not engage them through platforms that they most utilize on a daily basis? If you ever feel you are caught in a communication rut, here are five creative ways to engage with your constituents.

  1. Show your fun side! Your communication doesn’t only have to be formal dialogue about your congressional work. Your constituents want to see that you aren’t just a “stiff politician.” Make sure to document the unique parts of your daily life as well.
  2. Going along with that, Get personal! One easy word for this-selfies. Yes, it has been added to the dictionary. The new trend on the Hill is taking selfies before hearings, with caucus members, with constituents, etc. This is a fun way to show your day to day activity and interactions and has been getting a lot of attention, especially from the younger crowd.
  3. TeleForums: Town Halls are one of the most effective and personal forms of communication. Front Porch Strategies brings the same grassroots style of Town Hall meetings to a modern focus with TeleForums. Easily connect with thousands of people and directly interact with those in your district through questions, conversation, and polls. Constituents love this form of communication as they are able to stay connected and voice their opinions and concerns from the comfort of their own home. TeleForums are extremely effective and modern communication strategies can’t afford not to use them.
  4. Facebook Q&A’s- A relatively new feature, Facebook Q&A’s are a live platform where you and your readers have the ability to reply directly to comments and start conversation threads to interact directly with individuals. Numerous studies have been conducted to determine how much time people spend on Facebook. Well, cutting through all that jargon, it is a lot. So why not connect with your constituents in real-time on an interface where many will always be? This spontaneous, easy-accessible format will help connect with those people who you may not normally reach through more formalized meetings.
  5. VideoForums- VideoForums are a great new feature in the Front Porch Strategies repertoire of communication tools. VideoForum is integrated directly into TeleForum, so whatever is communicated over the phone comes through simultaneously via   VideoForum, just with the added luxury of a face to face conversation. VideoForum is broadcasted directly on your Facebook wall and the link can also be posted on a website or in an email. You will be reaching a whole new audience that may not have picked up the home telephone or more commonly in this day and age, does not have a home telephone, and your communication is more personal than ever before.

Use these tools to connect with more people in a fun and new way…with the right messaging, you may even go viral!



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