Front Porch Strategies is an award winning communications firm based out of Delaware, Ohio. We have done business for dozens of Members of Congress in over 45 states and our passion is helping elected officials personally connect with more people. Whether you are freshman Member of the US Congress just setting up shop in Washington, or a senior US Senator working to refine your communications strategies, our team at Front Porch Strategies works tirelessly to help you communicate better with your target audience.

Front Porch Strategies’ phone technology enables your office to reach thousands of people without leaving your home base – whether that be in Washington, DC, or your district office. Our TeleForum virtual town hall technology allows you to personally connect with thousands of people and engage in meaningful, give-and-take discussion, over the phone, from the comfort of your office. Our platform can accommodate hundreds of thousands of participants, features the most user-friendly interface in the industry, and gives you access to a range of useful post-event analytics.

Our automated call service offers the most powerful suite of features in the industry, including the ability to address each person or household dialed by name, add push-button polling questions, and get immediate feedback from Ricochet post-call recorded messages.

Delivering a big message requires great technology, but delivering a big message effectively requires partnerships with creative people who know how to use that technology. At Front Porch that is our mission, and it’s what we do best.