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Running for Columbus City Council is a daunting task for any Republican. The city is larger then most congressional districts, Democrats outnumber Republicans by more than 3 to 1, and raising money in the 2009 economic climate proved to be difficult for almost every candidate on the ballot. Matt Ferris, however, focused his fundraising by spending time on the phone with donors and raised an unprecedented $130,000. In fact, Ferris out-raised the entire field of candidates, combined.

Using Victory VoIP to Build Fundraising Events
Ferris needed an efficient and effective way to increase turnout and dollars raised for his fundraising events. With the help of Front Porch Strategies, he was able to increase the bottom line at each of his events. In the lead up to one of the campaign’s most important fundraising events, his phone effort became even more vital. Two weeks after the invitations were mailed, Ferris began using the Victory VoIP phone system to follow up with invited guests.

Ferris was able to make 336 calls to his invite list, a proect that would have taken nearly 11 hours using a regular phone. Using the Victory VoIP system, available through Front Porch Strategies, it took only 4 hours. Ferris spoke to 86 individuals directly, and left 113 personalized voice mails.

Of the total amount raised at the event, Ferris increased the amount raised by 18% simply by making phone calls more efficiently!

At 4 cents per minute, it cost the Ferris Campaign approximately 1/10 the amount of sending a follow up mail piece, and added a personal touch unmatched by mail or an automated call.

Why Victory VoIP Raises Dollars
Victory VoIP is the most state-of-the-art political phone banking technology in the United States. It is designed specifically to increase your efficiency on the phone. With one button dialing and real-time reporting, this technology is first in its class.

Regardless of who is making the calls, a prerecorded answering machine message can be left from the candidate. This feature saves a tremendous amount of time, and still imparts a personal touch to the prospective donor.

Real time reporting is web-based and can be accessed from anywhere. Once calls are completed, Victory VoIP provides a simple export tool for downloading call results into a spreadsheet for follow up post cards or database updating. Victory VoIP from Front Porch Strategies allows you to reach a greater number of donors with a personal message in an extremely efficient manner, and that translates into more dollars.



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