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CASE STUDY: Personhood USA
April 30, 2012 by admin

On Tuesday, December 27th, Front Porch Strategies helped pull off an extremely complex and successful TeleForum featuring four top-tier Republican Presidential candidates. The event, sponsored by Personhood USA and several other pro-life groups, reached out to almost 150,000 Iowans just one week prior to the Presidential Caucuses.

The TeleForum garnered over 26,000 participants on the telephone, and was heard live on 88 syndicated radio stations across the country. Conservative radio host Steve Deace broadcasted the TeleForum on his hour-long talk show, and acted as a moderator on the event which included Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich, and Rick Santorum.
Front Porch worked to ensure that all parties involved in the event were thoroughly prepared, and had a strong 75-minute event strategy. With so many moving parts, Front Porch’s experience conducting large national events made the difference. Because of Front Porch’s effort, the candidates spent a combined 2,000 hours with Republican Iowa primary voters just days prior to the heated Presidential Caucuses.

The day after the TeleForum was completed, news organizations from around the country were writing stories about the event. The New York Times noted that the Presidential candidates were, “polishing and trumpeting their credentials as Christian conservatives in their efforts to be seen as the leading Not Romney.”

Other major news outlets to feature stories on the event included, The Des Moines Register, Huffington Post, CBS News, and The Hill.



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