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Client Spotlight: Jordan Berry
July 11, 2012 by admin

Jordan Berry is a rising star in Texas politics and this week, he is in our client spotlight.

Hard-charging, energetic, and conservative, Jordan Berry gets results for his clients.  At Front Porch Strategies, we make it a priority to work with consultants, like Jordan, that understand what it takes for their clients to win on Election Day.  We like to come alongside people like Jordan Berry and assist in planning and implementing voter contact programs.  We have worked together with Jordan on some key legislative races over the past two cycles.  In the most recent Texas primaries, Jordan was undefeated on Election Day and I recently sat down with him for an interview.

Matt Parker: Thanks Jordan for sitting down with me to talk after a busy primary election.  We work with many consultants, but you are one of the hardest-working people I know.  What motivates you to work as hard as you do?

Jordan Berry: I feel that it’s our generation’s turn to step up and take action.  We can’t let other generations of politicians continue to place debt and burdens on our back any longer.  When I see folks who were originally elected in the 70′s still in place I am shocked, that alone is enough to keep me motivated.

MP: We have worked together on some key races where we have had candidates that were truly underdogs.  What candidate has overcome the most to win?  How has Front Porch Strategies helped you in that race?

JB: Hard question.  Every candidate has their own set of challenges.  No two races or candidates are created equal.  One particular race close to my heart is Charles Perry’s 2010 campaign–beating an entrenched incumbent who was first elected when LBJ was still President.  He had voted wrong on many issues, including concealed hand gun licenses and a voter ID law.  Charles was heavily outspent and the media attacked us from every angle.  In the end, we spent fewer dollars, but spent our money more efficiently, which included using Front Porch to help us ID and energize our voter base.

MP: We won a Reed Award for our work on a Tele-Forum for Representative Charles Perry from Lubbock.  After the election, Rep. Perry raved about how much he enjoyed his Tele-Forum.  In your opinion, why do candidates and voters like Tele-Forums?

JB: Most voters simply can’t come out to townhalls and debates.  They are busy with their lives, and in this economy they are just trying to get by.  If we can dial in to homes and give them the option to hear from the candidate while getting in line to ask a question from their couch, I think we are providing a good civil service to the voter, as well as good PR for the candidate.

MP: Why do you make phones such a big part of your candidates’ plans and budgets?

JB: I didn’t always make phones as big of part as my budget.  Once I started working with Front Porch where I knew the work was A) actually being done, and B) it was fair pricing, I started making it a larger part of my budget.  Beforehand, I had paid too many vendors for robocalls, etc., that didn’t actually exist.

MP: What sets you apart from the other consultants in Texas?  Why have you been so successful?

JB: One thing glaringly obvious, I’m much younger than many of them.  Beyond that, I think the environment you grow up in affects your perspective on life, people and your work.  I grew up in rural East Texas with a single mom.  I found my own way in politics and got involved for the right reasons, not because I was born in it.  I think that gives me the ability to empathize better with voters who may not be well off financially, but still share the same core values as a lot of conservatives who have contributed major dollars to the party, and therefore may sometimes get more attention.  I think I also naturally have survival instincts, a trait I inherited from my mom.

MP: In closing, thank you again for trusting Front Porch Strategies with your business.  It is an honor and privilege to work with you for some amazing conservative candidates in the great state of Texas.  If you had to point to one reason you choose to work with Front Porch Strategies, what would it be?

JB: Young guys like me eager to do that right thing…connecting with someone like that is hard to beat.



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