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Client Spotlight: Rick Perales
May 30, 2012 by admin

Throughout the year, we want to help candidates by putting the spotlight on candidates who have been successful.  We hope that this blog will be an encouragement and an aid to candidates running this fall.

Client Spotlight
By Matt Parker

Rick Perales
Republican Nominee for Ohio State Representative, District 73

A military veteran and public office holder, Rick Perales has lived a life of public service. In 2011, Rick decided that he wanted to serve the State of Ohio, so he decided to run for state representative against an incumbent and a well-known law enforcement officer, endorsed by the Republican sheriff. Rick knew that this would be a challenging campaign and that he needed to put a solid campaign team together.

Rick was one of the most focused candidates we have ever worked with. He was focused on fundraising from day one. Too many candidates spend too much money early and do not spend nearly enough time raising resources. Rick did not make this mistake. His aggressiveness paid big dividends as he outraised both of his opponents combined! Rick ended up raising $80,000 from individual donors.

Rick relied on the advice of some of the top Republican political consultants in the country. Unlike many candidates who micromanage their campaign team, Rick trusted his advisors and focused on raising money and talking to voters. The results of this race speak volumes.

In his internal polling, Rick started with a small lead, but a big lead in fundraising. As one of Rick’s advisors, I suggested that he run television, radio and web ads for two weeks leading up to absentee and early voting. Also, during this two-week period, Rick sent out 4 pieces of direct mail, two automated phone calls, and live operator calls to undecided voters. This early investment paid huge dividends.

After the advertising blitz, Rick still had more money in the bank than his opponents and went from having a small lead to leading by 40 percent! Rick continued to spend time at key events throughout the district and he knocked on almost 5,000 doors of targeted Republican voters.

Rick cruised to a 40 percent victory and is running a strong campaign against his democrat opponent this fall.

If you are running for office, I would highly suggest following in the footsteps of Rick Perales by doing the following:
1. Raise money!
2. Steward your campaign resources.
3. Seek professional advice.
4. Spend time talking to voters.
5. Raise money!



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