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Continue The Dialogue
July 28, 2014 by admin

TeleForums are a wonderful way to communicate with constituents, share your legislative priorities, and receive valuable feedback….and that doesn’t need to end once your 60 minute time period is done. There are many ways to keep the enthusiasm of Teleforums going long past the hour and continue the dialogue with your constituents. Here are a couple ideas to keep in mind:

  1. Post the Event Recording. The Front Porch Strategies Team can send along the full event recording for you to share with your constituents. Post it on your website, share snippets on twitter, publish memorable quotes and questions, the list goes on! Use the event recording to keep the dialogue going and reach a larger audience that maybe didn’t catch your TeleForum the first go-around. Advertising the audio from the event can help sustain the conversation and get your constituents aware and excited for your next TeleForum.
  2. Share Poll Responses. At the completion of an event, your office receives the Executive Report summarizing the statistics of the event and the results of the poll questions you asked. Share these results and graphs on your website and social media pages! Show your audience that you pay attention and value their responses, while again, catching those constituents who weren’t actively listening to the Teleforum, and gain their opinion by asking the poll in a different forum.
  3. Follow up. Participants have the opportunity to stay on the line and leave a voicemail at the conclusion of an event, and the next morning, our Front Porch team sends you those voicemails. Make sure to follow up with participants that weren’t able to ask their questions live. In addition to voicemails, be sure that you or your staff answers any specific questions on bills, casework, or other issues addressed by participants on the call. What better way to make a valued and lasting connection with a constituent then personally calling to answer their question? Taking a little time to help them sort through an issue could mean a world of difference to them.

These simple ideas can help prolong the enthusiasm and benefits of a TeleForum while helping you to connect better and more personally than ever before. Try these after your next Front Porch Strategies Event and keep the conversation going long past the hour.



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