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Enhanced Mobile Scrubbing
October 10, 2012 by admin

If you’re familiar with Front Porch, then you’re aware of our attention to detail, our cutting edge technology, and above all else, our customer service.  You may also be aware that recently the FCC issued an advisory to campaigns and phone service vendors regarding automated calls made to cell phones. The penalties for violating FCC policy in this area can be as great as $16,000 for each violation (each call) – making it critical for campaigns to ensure they avoid making calls to cellular numbers.

In response to this advisory, Front Porch Strategies has taken steps to ensure that our clients are protected. With this priority in mind, Front Porch has introduced our new Enhanced Mobile Scrubbing service.

Enhanced Mobile Scrubbing tracks the allocation and transfer of cellular numbers almost in real time, so that cell numbers can quickly and precisely be purged from call lists. After extensive development and testing, we are confident this system gives you the highest level of accuracy in the industry.

To demonstrate our faith in the service and to give our clients an advantage heading into the November Election, Front Porch is offering this service free of charge for all projects and events, now through November 6th. After that date, we will roll out a complete pricing structure that will give you access to this critical tool at a price that meets your needs.

Enhanced Mobile Scrubbing is a competitive advantage we hope you use during this cycle, as we are confident that no other firm offers this level of protection, much less for free. Enhanced Mobile Scrubbing makes Front Porch’s suite of effective voter contact tools even better, by giving you peace of mind, and protecting your campaign against potentially serious FCC penalties and negative press.

For more information about this service, please feel free to contact Front Porch Strategies at 614-384-5222.



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