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Front Porch Strategies started as Matthew D. Parker & Associates in the basement of my home in Heath, Ohio. The truth of the matter is that there were no “associates.” I sat every day making calls and going to meetings hoping to land clients.

Fortunately, in 2007, I began to find my niche putting together telemarketing strategies and offering state-of-the-art technology to political candidates. I finally got some “associates,” and in 2008 we did business in four states. We were doing business, but we lacked an identity.

In 2010, after two years of steady growth, it was clear to me that we were establishing ourselves as a trusted provider of everything from automated phone calls to TeleForum town hall meetings. We were no longer working in my basement, and our identity was in the unparalleled customer service and state-of-the-art technology that we were providing to candidates from coast to coast…we became Front Porch Strategies.

In 1896, William McKinley transformed politics by running the famous “Front Porch Campaign.” We believed then as we do now that we are transforming politics by giving candidates Front Porch Strategies using modern tools. At Front Porch Strategies, Old Fashioned Campaigning meets 21st Century Technology.

In just five years, we have grown into a firm that has clients in over 40 states and four Canadian provinces. We now have ten team members and have been recognized by the American Association of Political Consultants and Campaigns and Elections Magazine for our outstanding work.

With the rollout of our new site, we are showing our clients that we are completely committed to excellence. Through our website, we hope that you will take time to learn about some of our new products and to see how we have improved existing products. We look forward to helping Republicans get elected at all levels of government in 2012.

Matt Parker



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