Front Porch Strategies offers the most effective and innovative political telemarketing and voter contact tools in the industry. Whether you need to deliver a persuasive message, turn out the vote, raise money, or collect important data, Front Porch Strategies has the tools you need to accomplish your objectives.


There’s no question that automated calls have become a staple of messaging plans in the political world, the non-profit sphere, and among businesses – primarily because they offer a fast and affordable way to reach a large audience.

But we know that automated calls cannot solely drive the message of an effective communications plan. That’s why Front Porch Strategies recommends automated calls as one part of a larger messaging apparatus.

Automated calls powerfully reinforce your communications in direct mail and other media, maximizing your resources by helping drive home your message. They also help to drive turnout at district events, and let constituents know about important federal program deadlines coming up.

When your office needs to send a rapid response, no other form of mass communication can be turned around faster, and Front Porch Strategies gives you the very best this technology has to offer.