Front Porch Strategies offers the most effective and innovative political telemarketing and voter contact tools in the industry. Whether you need to deliver a persuasive message, turn out the vote, raise money, or collect important data, Front Porch Strategies has the tools you need to accomplish your objectives.


At Front Porch Strategies, we use state-of-the-art identification (ID) techniques that allow clients to hone their target audience and create top-of-mind awareness among constituents, and build a terrific database of constituent issues and concerns for official offices.

An ID project is essentially a poll with a limited number of questions (usually just one or two) to a very broad audience.

The resulting information can be used to pinpoint constituents who feel strongly about particular issues or programs, and allow your office to be more productive and on-target with your communication with these individuals.

In addition, Constituent ID projects allow you to create targeted mailing universes that will save your office money.  Franking budgets are getting squeezed, and the more targeted your approach to your communications efforts (especially in the mail), the further your dollars will go!