Front Porch Strategies offers the most effective and innovative political telemarketing and voter contact tools in the industry. Whether you need to deliver a persuasive message, turn out the vote, raise money, or collect important data, Front Porch Strategies has the tools you need to accomplish your objectives.


What could be more grassroots and personal than a town hall meeting? It hearkens to a bygone era, but Front Porch Strategies brings town hall meetings into modern focus. A virtual town hall meeting is a basically a very large conference call that personally connects your office to thousands of people at once.

How it works:

1. An automated call is sent to your list with a message from the host inviting people to join a town hall meeting by simply staying on the line.

2. The person on the other end of the line is immediately connected to the meeting where the host discusses issues of importance and invites audience questions.

3. Call participants who have a question speak personally to a call screener who, at the appropriate time, connects the participant with the host who already has seen the screener’s notes in advance.

Virtual town hall meetings give people who may not have the time, money, or inclination to travel in person to a meeting, the opportunity to engage an elected official in a one-on-one, meaningful discussion. This kind of personal interaction greatly strengthens the relationship between an elected official and their constituency.