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  1. Monday through Thursday has proven to be the best days of the week to schedule a teleforum. TeleForums are most successful around 7:00 pm, when families are home, have eaten dinner, and have free time to listen in.
  2. Think about other planned activities going on when scheduling your teleforum.  Avoid days where there are large events, such as sporting events, that would lesson participant involvement in a TeleForum.
  3. Time TeleForums with pertinent legislation that affects your district or with important events that constituents would like to hear more about.
  4. Remind participants throughout the call the prompt to enter the queue and ask a question to ensure maximum involvement. Callers will be joining the call during the event, so *3 prompts should be said regularly. 
  5. Ask poll questions throughout the event.  Front Porch Strategies sends a report after the event detailing participants who answered questions.  Poll questions will help constituents feel engaged during the call and will provide valuable feedback of issues important to callers to assist in mailings, microforums, etc.
  6. Optimize the caller experience by ensuring a proper flow throughout the call. Take care to ensure callers are screened properly and know when to listen or mute a caller so irrelevant or distracting subjects are not brought up.
  7. Use social media to advertise the event and highlight meaningful moments during the event.  You can do this by pulling segments from the full conference recording or just simple tweets thanking the participants.
  8. After each event FPS will send sound files from each participant who stayed on after the call to leave a message.  Have a staff member or the member themself call back each person to answer their question and let them know their voice was heard.
  9. Constituents who participate in video forums tend to participate for a longer period, as they are choosing to participate, rather than just a call directed towards them.  Consider using a video forum to complement your telephone town hall.  You will be reaching a whole new audience that may not have picked up the home telephone or maybe does not have a home telephone.
  10. Compare events over time as a critical evaluation tool. FPS can help examine participation trends over time to assess the efficacy of your event and provide key insights into what motivates your audience, what messages resonate, and what content brought about the most engagement from the audience.  This can help become an integral part of your overall communication strategy.




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