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Why are you not doing more TeleForums?
September 21, 2012 by admin
Wouldn’t it be nice if you could make 85% of the voters more likely to vote for you?
Front Porch Strategies can deliver this for you.

Recently, after a United States Senate primary, we asked Wenzel Strategies to conduct a survey of the voters in our contact universe. There were many interesting findings, but the most important findings were these…

85% of those who participated in the TeleForums said they were more likely to vote for our candidate because of what they heard on the TeleForum.  Amazingly, 66% of those polled said they were MUCH MORE LIKELY to vote for our candidate because of the TeleForum.
This is an incredible statistic, and it begs the question, “Why are you not doing more TeleForums?”
Obviously, things like television, radio, and direct mail can be effective means of advertising, but only TeleForum town hall meetings give you the opportunity to engage voters in a conversation that addresses their concerns in a personal and highly effective manner. TeleForum technology also gives your campaign the ability to ask polling questions on the fly, collect key data points, and maintain strong message discipline by only answering the most important questions from participants.
The poll numbers prove that you can’t afford to not be doing TeleForums this fall.  Call us today at 614-384-5222 to schedule your events today!



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